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Comox Valley, BC
Canadian snake keeper & small time hobbyist since 2006, mostly focused on pythons and boas with the occasional colubrid in the mix. Growing up I was fascinated not only by the unique body & appearance of snakes but also by their interesting behaviours and varied attitudes. A couple of over-priced single gene Ball Pythons were some of my first snakes back in 2007, I still keep and enjoy the species although I don't closely follow the 'industry' as it is today. I also keep Caye Caulker Island & Sonoran Desert boas, and a couple of Rosy boas. Occasionally I have other species as visitors to see how I like them and to consider them as permanent residents of Serpens, or simply to bring in new species and more variety to where I live without the specific intention of breeding them myself. I enjoy interacting with my snakes, and ones that live here long term typically have a laid-back demeanour, tolerate handling very well and some snakes seem to demand my attention when they see me going about my day. I also like providing my snakes with various useful and simple features in their habitats to encourage them to display more natural behaviours, as it not only leads to them becoming more active and showing interest in their environment but also results in them being more enjoyable to observe and keep. Enrichment, in different forms, provides value to both the 'kept' and the 'keeper' and to me is important in not only practising better reptile husbandry but making it interesting and enjoyable. Spending time with my snakes and observing the way they interact with both their environment and with myself, getting to know each one and watching them grow, developing a new view of the world around them has always been a great joy to me. Hopefully it is for you as well, or will be soon! If you have questions regarding husbandry, behaviour or temperament for a particular snake or species, feel free to message me as I'm happy to discuss. I like to talk snakes and I'm here to offer support before, during and after you receive one from me. More information about me, my snakes and my terms of sale can be found at
5 Available Snakes - Reptile Classifieds Canada
Available Snakes
1 Aug - Other Snakes - Comox Valley, BC
4 Pacific Boa (Candoia carinata) - Reptile Classifieds Canada
Pacific Boa (Candoia carinata)
27 Jul - Arboreal Boas/Pythons - Comox Valley, BC
5 ~1000g Female Lesser Fire - Reptile Classifieds Canada
~1000g Female Lesser Fire
9 May - Ball Pythons - Comox Valley, BC

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