2 baby geckos    Personal ad

27 Sept 2021 - Geckos - Pitt Meadows, BC

$ 200.00

  • 2 baby geckos
  • 2 baby geckos
  • 2 baby geckos
2 baby geckos 2 baby geckos 2 baby geckos
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I absolutely love these geckos and want them to go to a good home. My adult crested geckos gave birth to them early mid 2020 and they have been growing up healthy and happy in our care. Now it’s time to give them to a new home.

These two boys are brothers from the same clutch and their parents are from a proven local breeder. They are on Repashy breeder formula (multi & calcium/calcium d3) which I will include in the purchase of the geckos. They are housed in 2 separate enclosures which also comes with the purchase because I want to ensure that their transition to a new home is less stressful for them. They are both active at night and eat well. They also get dusted crickets and mealworms once or twice a week.