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21 Feb 2019 - Services - Richmond Hill, ON


  • South Korea, Japan & Hong Kong Exports
South Korea, Japan & Hong Kong Exports
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Reptile Express has you covered

Importing & Exporting from/to the Asian countries requires a great deal of planning, research, experience as well as connections with qualified international agents.

Reptile Express International will help provide peace of mind knowing that we will handle all aspects of the international process to safely and legally ship your pets/animals. We will take care of it all, so that you don’t have to.

We require approximately 14 days notice in order to obtain all the proper documents and foreign country import permits. We do not import/export during the months of December, January and February due to our Canadian winter being too cold. The safety of animals is paramount and takes priority.

Our Services Include

  •  Personal one-on-one service
  • Door to door or door to port services
  •  Import & handling agents
  •  Hold for pick up & delivery
  •  Complete all travel arrangements for your animal(s) on the most direct and cost effective flights
  •  Prepare and book all pre-flight domestic and international documentation and endorsements, including veterinary certificates, airline security and customs clearances and government permits and appointments
  • Help make arrangements for the mandatory Veterinary Health Certificate consultation (a government regulation for all pets travelling internationally).

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