Ball Pythons Rehoming    Personal ad

8 Jul 2020 - Ball Pythons - Van, BC

$ 250.00

  • Ball Pythons Rehoming
Ball Pythons Rehoming
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Few animals available with very reasonable price :)

Shipping available at buyers expense.

Animals genetics guaranteed from previous buyers. Got proof of purchase as well.

Please note that since this is the first time I am re-homing my animals, an intermediary is needed.

Discount is available for multi animals purchase

Serious buyers only!


0.1 BH BP HIGHWAY S2,000

0.1 Firefly Banana 700 (PB)

0.1 Mojave GHI 400

0.1 Enchi Pastel Spider Pinstripes 250 (Very close to breeding size)


1.0 BP PIED 100% HET LAV ABINO $800

1.0 Super Blade Clown $300

1.0 Bamboo Shatter $400

1.0 Banana Pied Spider $500

1.0 Enchi Freeway $600