Baby albino african house snakes    Personal ad

17 Aug 2022 - Other Snakes - Fredericton, NB

$ 200.00

  • Baby albino african house snakes
  • Baby albino african house snakes
  • Baby albino african house snakes
Baby albino african house snakes Baby albino african house snakes Baby albino african house snakes
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I have some baby albino cape house snakes available.

Born February 2022

$200 each

1 female and 2 males left.

These babies have the most insane orange colour that I have never seen before in house snakes.

It is likely some new colour gene that I don't have time to prove out.

Here is a YouTube video that I made about their care:

I would consider discounts if you want more than 1 snake.

These are the cape house snake species, originally from South Africa.

Scientific name: Boaedon capensis (previously; Lamprophis capensis)

These snakes are known to be particularly robust feeding snakes once started.

They start on pinkie mice and progress to adult mice or hopper sized rats when adults.

The males reach about 2 - 2.5 ft and the females can reach up to 4 feet.

They have a similar temperament to corn snakes and are very easy to look after.

My advice is to keep them with a heating pad (although they do well at ambient temperature too) under their cage/tub and give them a moist hide (a small tub containing some moistened moss) for them to climb into occasionally to stop them from getting too dry and to help them with shedding.

Some info on the type of albinism (amelanism) in these snakes:

The T+ (Tyrosinase positive) albino colour mutation is a recessive trait.

There are 2 types of albino genes in house snakes. Tyrosinase negative and tyrosinase positive.

Tyrosinase is one of the proteins that play a part in producing melanin pigment in animals and in albinos.

Tyrosinase negative animals do not have this enzyme and are usually characterized by red eyes and a lack of all black/brown pigment whereas tyrosinase positive animals such as mine have the tyrosinase protein and are characterized by black eyes.

I love these snakes and I am so excited to have some available to share.

Please don't hesitate to get in contact if you have any questions for me.