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Toronto, ON
Northern Lights Reptile Imports dedicate all of our time to help our customers have a smooth and easy shipping transaction between Canada and Europe. We offer our shipping services from Europe to Canada and Canada to Europe. We also encourage any USA reptile keeper to jump in on our Europe to Canada shipments for any of those hard to get species as we also can ship to the USA with our fantastic partner - Reptile Express International. We do all the work for you! From searching for animals you request(you can search yourself if preferred), interacting with the seller and coordinating shipping dates for safe arrival. Once in Canada, we have them shipped to your door with Reptile Express. For Europe - it will be Hamm Expo pick up. If shipping minimum is not met or permits not ready , it may get pushed to next show or be shipped to you after hamm. All orders require a minimum 25% deposit to start any transaction. Remaining payments are usually 3 weeks before shipping date. CITES are completely fine as well as long as we have a 3 month window from permit application to ship date. No guarantees it will be on time, but a good chance it will be. Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like us to advertise your animals for export or import :)
3 AUGUST UK SHIPMENT - Reptile Classifieds Canada
B 2 Jul 2020 - Other Lizards - Toronto, ON
5 UK CBB IMPORT - Reptile Classifieds Canada
B 24 Jun 2019 - Monitors - Toronto, ON
1 Bulk Sale Palmetto - Reptile Classifieds Canada
Bulk Sale Palmetto
B 15 Aug 2018 - Cornsnakes & Ratsnakes - Toronto, ON
6 WHOLESALE DRAGONS - Reptile Classifieds Canada
B 31 Jul 2018 - Bearded Dragons - Toronto, ON
3 Several isopod species! - Reptile Classifieds Canada
Several isopod species!
B 30 Jul 2018 - Bioactive & Other - Toronto, ON
2 *epic group deal* Kunashir Japanese Rats - Reptile Classifieds Canada
*epic group deal* Kunashir Japanese Rats
B 27 Jul 2018 - Cornsnakes & Ratsnakes - Toronto, ON
3 IMG Ghost 66% het Albino - Reptile Classifieds Canada
IMG Ghost 66% het Albino
B 26 Jul 2018 - Boas - Toronto, ON
3 Toad Headed Agamas - Reptile Classifieds Canada
Toad Headed Agamas
B 25 Jul 2018 - Agamids - Toronto, ON
2 Wichita Collared Lizards - Reptile Classifieds Canada
Wichita Collared Lizards
B 25 Jul 2018 - Other Lizards - Toronto, ON
1 CBB Red Tail Green Rat Snakes - Reptile Classifieds Canada
CBB Red Tail Green Rat Snakes
B 24 Jul 2018 - Cornsnakes & Ratsnakes - Toronto, ON
4 Pseudoxenodon macrops - Reptile Classifieds Canada
Pseudoxenodon macrops
B 23 Jul 2018 - Other Snakes - Toronto, ON
2 Davids Rat Snake - Reptile Classifieds Canada
Davids Rat Snake
B 20 Jul 2018 - Cornsnakes & Ratsnakes - Toronto, ON

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