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Grande Prairie, AB
Hi! My name is Stacey. My sister, Amber, and I own Main Drag Morphs and Feeders. We are located in Grande Prairie, AB and have lived here for roughly a decade. We currently keep just under 80 snakes, we raise our own feeders, minus rats, 'cause it's illegal in Alberta to own them. I got into reptiles in Elementary school, when my brother brought home his teachers' Albino California kingsnake for the summer. His teacher never took it back, so he gave her to me. During that.time, I had also met a teachers assistant who kept and bred reptiles. I ended up purchasing a Bearded Dragon from her and had her for several years before she passed. I hadn't owned another reptile until 2019, when I purchased my first Ball python, Rizzoli. I have fallen in love with these animals. I absolutely adore their temperaments, their Morphs continuously blow my mind, and they are so easy to keep! My sister on the other hand, it took some time to convince her to go into business with me. She was quite hesitant as she's never been a fan of snakes or reptiles in general. She enjoyed having Rizzoli around, and eventually agreed to purchasing our first collection. We have now, just under 80 snakes and the number continuously grows. We're currently working on several projects, including VPI, Jolliff Axanthic, Mahogany, Clown, Piebald, Ultramel, and several others that were keeping to ourselves for now. We'd like to thank you for taking the time to read, or even glance at this, and are looking forward to working with you in the future! Stacey and Amber.

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