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Toronto, ON
We’ve been working with and specializing in captive bred reptile’s animals since the early 1990’s. Over the past 20 years we’ve specialized in B. c. imperator localities, Boa c. constrictor (Suriname and Guyana), and Corallus species.
1 Trinket Rat Snakes - Reptile Classifieds Canada
Trinket Rat Snakes
B 27 Oct - Cornsnakes & Ratsnakes - Toronto, ON
1 Mexican Black King Snakes - Reptile Classifieds Canada
Mexican Black King Snakes
B 27 Oct - Kingsnakes & Milksnakes - Toronto, ON
4 Available Boa Constrictors - Reptile Classifieds Canada
Available Boa Constrictors
B 27 Oct - Boas - Toronto, ON
1 Leopard Boas - Reptile Classifieds Canada
Leopard Boas
B 27 Oct - Boas - Toronto, ON
1 Captive-bred Yellow Uromastyx - Reptile Classifieds Canada
Captive-bred Yellow Uromastyx
B 27 Oct - Agamids - Toronto, ON
3 Captive-bred Day Geckos - Reptile Classifieds Canada
Captive-bred Day Geckos
B 27 Oct - Geckos - Toronto, ON

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