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Toronto, ON
Our philosophy is simple. Produce exceptional quality geckos from exceptional lineage. Our breeder collections have been acquired from ‘AAA’ Quality Bloodlines from around the world (USA, Europe, Canada). They have been hand-picked specifically for their unique phenotypic traits, genetic diversity, anatomical structure & rarity. We strive to only work with premier bloodlines to enhance the global & local gene pools, while aiding in the conservation of healthy & strong specimens. We are very blessed & fortunate to work with such amazing reptiles and are always here to answer any questions you may have regarding the care & reproduction of our geckos. We are overly obsessive with care & maintenance. There isn’t a day that goes by without us observing and checking in on our collection of geckos. Whether you’re seeking to purchase a new gecko friend or to add one of our gorgeous geckos to your breeding collection, you can rest assured knowing it’s received a premium level of care & handling, until the day it meets you. International & Domestic shipping via Reptile Express is available for all of our geckos. Our geckos come with: • A Unique Certificate of Identification • Weight & Breeding Records • Care Instructions • Toronto Gecko Co. Exclusive Stickers • Hand-Tamed Gecko Our geckos offer superior coloration, genetics & have received the utmost quality and care from right out of their egg until the day they enter your home.

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