Various Adult Animals Wanted    Business ad

4 Jul 2019 - Want Ads - London, ON


  • Various Adult Animals Wanted
Various Adult Animals Wanted
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We are looking at adding some more breeder stock at our store. At this time we are only interested in adult animals. Without listing specific here is a general list of what we are looking for. Let us know what you have. We can offer cash, a higher value in store credit at our store(Pet Paradise London) or trade for anything in the store.

  • King Snakes (Various Species)
  • Corn Snakes (Various Species)
  • Milk Snakes (Hondurans, Pueblans, Black Milks)
  • Rat Snakes (No Large Species)
  • Garter Snakes (All)
  • Sand Boas
  • African Fat Tails (normals or basic morphs nothing too high end)