Isopod collection sell out!    Personal ad

24 Jun - Bioactive & Other - Maple Ridge, BC

$ 425.00

  • Isopod collection sell out!
Isopod collection sell out!
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Dwarf white

Dwarf purple x 2

Dwarf stripe x 2

Armadillidium nasatum (peach)

A. Werneri

A. Albania (yellow spots)

A. Versicolor

A. Versicoloured (yellow pied)


A. Vulgare (morph mix) 

A. Vulgare (rolly poly)

*oniscus asellus

*Atlantoscia floridana

*cylisticus convexus

Nagurus cristatus

 P. Laevis  (Milk backs)


*P. Hassi (dark form). $50

P. Dilatatus (giant canyon)

Porcellio scaber (red calico)

P. Laevis (dairy cow)

*P. Pruinosus (calico)

P. Pruinosus (powder blue)

P. Pruinosus (blue/orange)

P. Pruinosus (floria)

Venezillo parvus (dalmatian)

*means lots in the colony and well established

40 Containers of which

11 containers that may have some in them.

$425 for all bugs and containers

(Containers include wood, moss, dirt, some cork bark and all cut and screened)