Female Pacific Boa (Candoia carinata) for sale    Personal ad

30 Dec 2020 - Arboreal Boas/Pythons - , BC

$ 275.00

  • Female Pacific Boa (Candoia carinata) for sale
  • Female Pacific Boa (Candoia carinata) for sale
Female Pacific Boa (Candoia carinata) for sale Female Pacific Boa (Candoia carinata) for sale
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Pacific Boa (Candoia carinata)

2014 LTC Female

Weighs ~31g, ~18 inches or so. Grown adult and came to me as an adult from another private keeper in Canada, C.carinata are a small species of boa. Dark brown body with light brown dorsal striping, cream coloured patches along the side. Carinata often have a patch of colourful scales on their lower spine, just before their tail section begins. Prefers semi-humid environments and should have access to a water bowl big enough to soak in, as this species does enjoy doing so on occasion. She has strong arboreal tendencies and spends much of her time resting on branches, but also uses hiding spots on the ground and should have a couple ground hides to choose from. Likes ground clutter and would thrive in a bio-active setup. As she's not a captive bred reptile, I rarely handle her and generally just let her do her own thing. She moves fairly slowly, tends to remain still and closely pays attention when she detects activity nearby. I see her perching in the open quite a bit, she is not a super shy girl. She has a very fast food response and suspects anything moving around her is possible food. Carinata typically care more about prey movement than anything else - if it moves, she's determined to try and grab it. She eagerly takes large pinky/small fuzzy mice about 1-2 a month, will also happily hunt small frogs/geckos/lizards and fish so those can be offered as well if you have a clean source of them. If not offering a varied diet I recommend lightly dusting rodents with a supplement every second or third feeding to provide more minerals (such as calcium) for long term health. I like Arcadia EarthPro ReVitaliseD3 as it has lower and safer levels of Vitamin A and D3 for snakes than most standard lizard supplements do.

Prices are for the snake only, paid through EMT and must be paid for in full before she leaves my possession. Short payment plans may be available with a 50% non-refundable deposit. Snake cannot be reserved without a deposit. Price is firm at this time. She is eating F/T rodents, mite-free and in good health. She is fond of having access to climb on branches/other objects and may not thrive if housed without that. I cannot offer any guarantees if she is kept in an empty setup. Feel free to message for more info or if you have questions. Pickup available in Courtenay, BC. Delivery via courier may be possible to other cities on Vancouver Island for a small fee. Shipping through Reptile Express is available to any location they service.