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--- 2020 Trinket snakes (Coelognathus helena) - $225 each, two available

Imported from Europe by Port Credit Pets last year, sold unsexed. Native to India and surrounding countries, grows up to 4.5-5 feet long. Eating frozen/thawed pinkies or small fuzzy mice weekly from tongs with enthusiasm, these two are pretty intense about food and are interesting to feed. Fast and active; they hunt down their prey, striking quickly and wrapping it in a full body coil. They often look around for more food before consuming what they caught, and will happily grab and wrap multiple pinkies before rapidly eating everything. Great display snakes as they use everything in their enclosure and will burrow and climb with gusto. Really fond of their humid hides as well. They are high energy and move quickly, so they have not been handled extensively by me. Both will approach you quite boldly if they think food is coming but will get nervous and flee when they realize you are going to pick them up. Can be handled if you are calm and gentle, I've not been bitten however this species is known for feisty/flighty behaviours when threatened so be patient with them if you intend to be more hands on.

--- 2018 Male Pastel 66% het Lavender Ball python - $100

Alexios hatched October 29th 2018 (Clutch #72) at Corey Woods Reptiles from a Spark het Lavender Albino x Pastel HRA Spark het Lavender Albino. Around 1000 grams and eating thawed rats, mice, ASF, chicks - he's not picky regarding prey type but does show less overall interest in eating during the colder months. Doesn't go completely off feed however. Fairly easy to handle and a pretty good climber, will use branches and other objects especially while cruising around at night. Any time I do something in the reptile room, Alexios is one of the first to peek out from his hide box and see what I'm up to. Likes to be on the go when outside of his enclosure, always checking out new things. I don't mind reducing the cost of his shipping within Canada for the right person as I'm seeking to see him in a good home as a pet, he was raised as one and has not been used as a breeder.

--- 2018 Male Pastel Lavender Albino Ball python - $500

Eli hatched September 24th 2018 at Henry Piorun Reptiles and has been here at Serpens since he was a hatchling. Eats f/t mice, rats, soft furs or day old chicks roughly twice a month, usually dropping down to once a month in the winter. Not a picky eater. I bought Eli as a female but he is most definitely male and unfortunately doesn't fit into my breeding group as one. He's a beautiful sweet guy and handles well, still head-shy if you reach out to him too quickly so be gentle around his face. Eli enjoys opportunities to climb and exploring around outside his enclosure, especially outdoors during the summer. I am looking for him to go to a home environment as he was raised in one.

--- 2020 Male Lesser Yellow Belly Ball python - $200

This male (I've been referring to him as "Little Boy") hatched September 24th 2020 (Clutch 90) at Corey Woods Reptiles from a Cypress x Lesser Ivory pairing. Came to me from Port Credit Pets due to an order mix-up, he has been with me since January. On arrival he was quite small and not eating so I wanted to make sure he was solidly healthy & thriving before leaving Serpens. Little Boy is still a bit shy with people, but is more friendly after he warms up to you. Hides mostly during the day with his face poking out and is very fond of using tunnels for 'ambushing' his food. Also an avid climber who easily strikes and wraps prey while hanging off a branch. He is eating thawed adult mice with excited enthusiasm. Gorgeous boy with beautiful blushing throughout his body.

Pick up in the Comox Valley is free, delivery available through Reptile Express at your expense. More photos and info such as payment plans and my terms of sale are available on my website Serpens.ca, feel free to message here or there if you have more questions.